Classy Mannequins
Classy Mannequins

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Classy Mannequins

Create Eye-Catching Displays
That Generate Profits!

If you're reading this, chances are that you're a visual person with a finely-tuned sense of style. You like things to look good and you place a high value on aesthetic appeal. You probably also own a business or are in a position that calls for creativity. That's why you want to create the most attractive displays possible...that is the reason you’re here, isn't it? If so, then I have good news for you: You’ve come to the right place.

So, why do you need a mannequin? It could be that you need a shapely body to display your merchandise on. Or, you may be getting ready for a trade show or other special event where you want to stand out and grab peoples' attention. Regardless of your situation, one thing is for need to get your company and/or products noticed.

At this point, you may be asking, "How do your mannequins get my products noticed?" Actually, there are a number of reasons why we are the preferred choice among business owners, event coordinators and other professionals who need striking displays:

  • Superior Craftsmanship – Meticulous attention to detail is given to each and every one of our mannequins during the creation process. We take no manufacturing shortcuts. From the most durable fiberglass to the highest quality paints and finishes, our mannequins are more than just displays; they're works of art.
  • Uniqueness & Originality – Our mannequins are special, one-of-a-kind pieces. Many have been meticulously hand painted by skilled artisans and some have even been custom-made for special events.
  • Over-The-Top Customer Service – We take your satisfaction very seriously. And we’re not just saying that because it sounds good. Check out our customer testimonials and see for yourself what other people think about us.

What Makes Our Mannequins "Classy?"

First of all, it's not just about our mannequins. When you do business with us, you'll experience a series of surprising and delightful events. To begin with, if you have any contact with one of our knowledgeable Customer Care Consultants, you’ll see that we mean business when it comes to providing you with personalized customer service.

In fact, about 4 out of every 10 customers we help sends us a positive testimonial letter or comment based on their customer service experience alone—without us ever asking them to do so! Now, please don’t take this as bragging; I just want you to know the facts.

To illustrate this fact, here's a recent email I received from Don Price, a happy customer who had been in contact with one of our Customer Care Consultants named Paul over a period of about 3 weeks. He asked Paul for my personal email address so he could tell me about his experience with our company:


Hi Ruben,

I just thought I would send a little note along on the support I received from Paul. I've been in business for many years, so I know we always hear when things go wrong, so thought I should let you know things went very well.

I had inquired a while back on some of your mannequins, and then this week we decided to get some ordered for a big trade show next week in Florida. Paul handled everything extremely well and the units were shipped out for delivery on Tuesday. I also asked for some info related to shipping products to Canada. Paul provided me with some great info and not just the, "Well I'm not sure," which we often get these days. It was very helpful for us to make some decisions.

As a customer, and also a business owner, I know how important customer service is, and we always hope our team does the right things. Well, just so you know, Paul certainly did and it's much appreciated.

As I mentioned in my email to Paul, we will be ordering some more mannequins, as I had originally wanted 4 units, but was limited to 2 because of our booth space. I think you guys still honoured the discount rate, so that's also impressive.

As this has been an extremely hectic few weeks preparing for our show, it was nice to have this handled so professionally.

Once again, thanks for the great efforts.


Don J. Price
President & CEO, Ryjus

P.S. I’ve never dealt with Paul before, and he’s not sending me any small cash payments…lol

To further illustrate this point, here's a true story that shows how a typical customer experience might play out:

One day we received an email from a woman named Barbara, who was in great distress. She explained that she was the owner of a small women's athletic clothing company and was preparing for a big trade show where she would unveil a new line of sports bras and other running apparel. At the same time, she was working on launching the company's new website. She needed several mannequins to display her products at the trade show, and also for the product images for the site.

So why was she in great distress? Because she had just received five female mannequins that she ordered two weeks earlier from another mannequin company and they were not what she all.

"I'm embarrassed to even display these things," she wrote. "It’s not like they’re totally ugly, but...they have these bubble hands that make them look like an inflatable doll or something...not to mention all the nicks and scratches all over the darn thing. My customers aren’t snobs, but they definitely notice the small things. Appearance matters to them...and it matters to me too!"

Apparently, the company she ordered from had given her what seemed like a great discount. Despite the fact that she had to settle for mannequins in regular fashion poses rather than in running poses, and that ordering from the website was a bit confusing, she thought she was getting a pretty good deal overall. Plus, the pictures of the mannequins on the website looked okay. And if she could save a couple, what the heck?

But here was her dilemma: The trade show was in exactly 8 days, with the website scheduled to launch shortly thereafter—and she still had no good mannequins to display. She was facing a tight deadline now.

Not having the time or patience to go back to the same company and deal with their "snappy customer service reps" as she put it, she sent us a message explaining her situation and asking if we had any female mannequins in stock and, if so, how long they would take to be delivered.

"I’m almost ready to give up at this point. I’m emailing you guys because your website seems like the most organized and customer-friendly mannequin site I’ve seen...(and trust me—I’ve been to them all)...Oh and your cute little product descriptions got my imagination going and got me really excited too!"

We responded to her message within the hour and told her that if we ship them out today, she would easily get the mannequins before her trade show, with time to spare.

She called our office shortly after receiving our message, sounding rather frantic. "Can you guys really come through for me?" She asked one of our consultants. "You realize that the entire success of my trade show depends on you guys being able to deliver these mannequins on time to me, right? I'm telling you right now that if you don’t get them to me in time, I promise that I’ll send them right back and demand a full refund," she told us with authority.

Instead of just assuring her we would deliver on our promise, we told her that she didn't have to pay us a dime until she received the mannequins, inspected them, and confirmed that they met her expectations. We even told her we would pay for her return shipping if she wasn't satisfied with her order for some reason. Our Customer Care Consultants helped her pick out some mannequins in running and walking poses, then had the order shipped out within the hour.

She sent me this note a week and a half later:

"I just wanted to let you know that the trade show was a success. Thank you for getting me out of a bind. I received the mannequins only 4 days after I ordered them! Very impressive. Oh—and I downloaded and read that free ebook on your site (mainly cuz I LOVE free things!) and I gotta say…I think the reason that my booth was one of the most popular ones at the trade show had to do with the fact that I implemented some of the tips I got from that book. You guys saved the day and I just wanted to say thank you."

There's a Story Behind
Every Mannequin

If you’ve ever looked at any of our mannequins, you may have noticed that each one has a name. If you’re wondering why this is, it’s because we name every mannequin after the model who inspired its creation. In fact, every one of our full size mannequins and mannequin heads is modeled after an actual human being.

The human models we use as inspirations for our mannequins are carefully selected through a process we call "birthing the mannequin." We have a dedicated team of mannequin designers who travel to different parts of the world in search of the "perfect models." The models we choose must not only meet our physical requirements—which in and of themselves are strict—but must also comply with our personality requirements, as assessed through a series of interviews with our mannequin design team.

Don't laugh. We're serious about this mannequin business. The reason why personality plays a factor in our decision of which models to work from is because we believe that the models' personality is the intangible element that shines through after the all finishing touches of each mannequin are complete. You'll notice that there's a spirit of liveliness and originality present in each one of our mannequins. The benefit for you is that this creates an eye-catching display that sells your merchandise and effectively promotes your cause.

Why Our Mannequins Are
The Most Effective Display
Tools You'll Ever Use

Think of our mannequins as your company's "silent sales staff". If used correctly, they can be the best salespeople you'll ever have. Imagine having employees who never call in sick, always show up on time, and don't even require a paycheck! It's like having attractive models showing off your merchandise at your store, trade show booth, or special event full time.

Imagine how much it would cost you to hire just one live human model to show off your merchandise or promote your business. Even if you were to find an "aspiring" model/actor who works at a discounted rate, you're still looking at about $15.00 an hour. If you hire them for a minimum of 8 hours a day, that's $120.00. Keep them for a week and now you’re up to $600.00...for ONE WEEK of work.

Or, you could save money AND increase productivity by buying a mannequin from us. They work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can keep it forever AND you'll never pay $600.00 for one, either. In fact, most of our mannequins are in the $200 - $300 range. Yes, we have some that are more expensive, like those in our High-Class Mannequin Collection. But these are only necessary if you are dead serious about increasing the aesthetic value of your displays, increasing your return on investment, and captivating your customers attention immediately.

But even our highest-priced items are not an expense. They are an investment. That may be an overused cliché in the business world, but it is certainly true of our products. What price can you put on increasing sales, attracting attention, beautifying your displays and standing out from your competition?

Don't make the mistake that so many other business owners make and neglect the visual appeal of your displays. Do not dismiss mannequins as unimportant or ineffective merchandising and promotional tools. Give them the importance they deserve and they will bring you the return on investment that YOU deserve.

Why You May NOT Want To
Do Business With Us

As attractive as our products and their benefits are, our marketing experts tell us that only about 11% of people who visit this website will make a purchase. Although this is pretty good from a business standpoint, it still bothers me personally. You see, I know how much the owners of our mannequins benefit from them. I read their letters; I talk to them on the phone; I see them personally when they visit us. And dozens upon dozens each month tell me the same thing in various ways:

"Your mannequins are the highest quality, most effective display tools I have ever used."

Because of this, I just hate the thought of someone not purchasing a product—or at the very least, downloading the free e-book from our website—because of some error or omission in our explanation of their benefits and/or features.

That's why I recently held a special brainstorming session with a group of our people to try and figure out why you might NOT want to do business with us. After several hours, our group could think of only three possible reasons. Here they are:

REASON #1: You might think our products are no different from other mannequin company’s products.
That's a reasonable objection. But it's certainly not what the vast majority of our customers think. We’ve built our reputation around the quality and superb craftsmanship of our products. That’s why people do business with us. We don’t want it to sound like we’re bragging, we just don’t want you to get burned by ordering a product that may be cheaper, but turns out to be inferior quality.
REASON #2: You might think there’s a catch, or that the things we’re saying are too good to be true.
If you find ANYTHING we’re saying not to be true, the first thing you should do is contact me personally at so we can get things cleared up. We’ve never had any issue or misunderstanding escalate past this point. However, if there is a case where you believe we’ve misrepresented a claim in any way, then we will gladly make things right by giving you a refund on any items purchased or making any other reasonable accommodations to make sure you are satisfied.
REASON #3: You might think our prices are too high.
I hate to say this because it's an overused cliché, but it truly does apply here: You get what you pay for. There’s no way around it. It's an immutable law—like gravity. We're not saying that you shouldn't give products from other mannequin companies a chance, we just want to save you time and frustration by letting you know that when you do business with us, you don't have to worry about whether or not you’re ordering a quality product or whether or not there will be someone to assist you if you have any questions or if something goes wrong. In other words, we've got you covered. We're sure you have your own problems to worry about without having to stress about mannequins, of all things.

If these answers still don't make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, maybe this will:

Our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

NOTE: We are the only mannequin company that offers this type of guarantee.

Stay classy,

Ruben Chavez
Ruben Chavez
Founder and President,

P.S. Our mission is to make sure that you receive the highest quality products and the highest quality service that you have ever experienced with ANY company. We’ve already done this for countless customers. Go ahead—read some of their testimonials. However, If we fail to meet these goals, we will replace your product, give you a full refund, or do whatever else is necessary to make things right.

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