Classy Mannequins
Classy Mannequins

The largest selection of display-quality mannequins to emphasize your products & maximize your profits. Fast, easy ordering. Money back guarantee.

Classy Mannequins

High-class™ Mannequins

High-class™ Mannequins

These are the highest quality mannequins we have to offer. Each one has been thoughtfully hand selected by our in-house display consultants based on three main criteria:

1. Superior craftsmanship
Of course, all of our mannequins are exceptionally well-made. However, some are crafted with extra special attention to detail. For example, certain models have a special lacquer coating, which gives them a distinctive glossy finish while helping to make them more damage-resistant. Others have been created to appear more like works of art than merchandise displays.
2. Effectiveness
Based on follow-up research we've done with our customers, we've discovered that certain mannequins are consistently more effective at attracting attention than others.
3. Uniqueness and originality
Some of our mannequins are simply one of a kind. Their presence adds liveliness and flair to any environment they're in. Our beautiful vintage style mannequin heads, for instance, are meticulously hand painted by skilled artisans for a truly rarefied look.
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